[Ep #82] Why your Self-Worth WILL impact Net-Worth and What to Do About It

Coaches Connection Podcast – THE podcast to help you grow a successful business: Why your self-worth WILL your impact net-worth and what to do about it.

Want to grow your business but unsure how? Just started your business and struggling to get clients?

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    • <Drum Roll> Announcing Purposeful Leadership Podcast, which is what Coaches Connection Podcast will evolve into as from next week. Come back soon as we update you with the live links to access this podcast as we continue the journey of finding out what it is to be a purposeful leader in your business.
  • Today’s Words of Wisdom: Why your self-worth WILL impact your net-worth and what to do about it.


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Words of Wisdom: Why your self-worth WILL impact your net-worth and what to do about it.

Find it hard to quote your fee when a prospect asks you “What do you charge?” And, instead of stating your standard costs you reduce the price, or you offer them a discount because you assume this is all they’ll pay?

If this sounds familiar, more often than not the reason you are reducing your fee has nothing to do with whether or not your prospect can afford your services, but rather is a direct reflection of your sense of self-worth. 

In fact, we like to call it your self-worth account.

On today's show we speak about common habits that WILL drain your self-worth account and what to do about it.

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