[Ep #81] Are you the bottleneck in your business?

Coaches Connection Podcast – THE podcast to help you grow a successful business: Are you the bottleneck in your business?

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  • Today’s Words of Wisdom: Are you the bottleneck in your business?


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Words of Wisdom: Are you the bottleneck in your business?

As business owners, juggling the myriad of tasks on our to-do list can often seem like a never-ending up-hill battle.

No sooner have you crossed off one item – another two items replace it.

And, no matter how hard you work – the dream of finally being ‘in control’ of your schedule (rather than your schedule being in control of you) seems impossible to achieve.

Can you relate?

On today’s show we’re going to share five ways you’re creating bottlenecks in your business and what to do instead so you stop stunting your business’s growth.

  1. Not having systems in place
  2. Not having a structure and schedule in your day
  3. Not having clear boundaries and not sticking to them
  4. Not being clear on what your strengths and weaknesses are
  5. Not having a team to support you and doing everything yourself

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