[Ep #8] How you do Time and Money is how you do Everything

How you do Time and Money is how you do EVERYTHING

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What’s In Today’s Show:

  • Productivity Tip of the Week
  • Today’s Words of Wisdom: How you do Time and Money is how you do EVERYTHING


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Four key modules:

  1. Identify Your Money DNA (Money Mindset)
  2. Identify Your Personal DNA (Your Strengths and Inner Brilliance)
  3. Fearless Sales Method Principles
  4. Moving Forward with Powerful Intentions so you can Enhance Your Personal Performance & Productivity


Productivity Tip of the Week:

Get honest and clear around how you spend your time – especially with regards to volunteering. Track your time in 30-minute increments throughout the week and see how much time you spend volunteering throughout the week (and month). You may be surprised!

Words of Wisdom: How you do Time and Money is how you do EVERYTHING

Here are 5 ways that could be holding you back:

  1. You work on overdrive
  2. Being ‘reactive’ instead of ‘proactive’
  3. Being available to anyone and everyone
  4. Not being willing to track and monitor what you are doing with your time
  5. You always have numerous items on your to-do list, many that are left incomplete day after day, and in some cases week after week


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