[Ep #77] What to do when criticism cripples your confidence

Coaches Connection Podcast – THE podcast for coaches to build a successful coaching business: What to to when criticism cripples your confidence.

Want to grow your coaching practice but unsure how? Just started your coaching practice and struggling to get clients?

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Whether you’ve just opened up your coaching practice, or you’ve been in business a while, this podcast will help you take your results to the next level.

What’s In Today’s Show:

We are so excited about this new program we are launching as we have had so many people want to learn how they can get their very own podcast, so they can Rise to Stardom in their industry.

Guess what, we heard you and we’ve created a program just for you.

We’ll show you each and every step you need, to get your podcast recorded and published iTunes in just 4 weeks, then we spend another 2 weeks showing you have you can use your podcast to grow your business as well as how you can gain even more publicity and exposure for your podcast.

Here’s a brief overview of each week:

  • WEEK 1 branding of YOU & YOUR PODCAST to you can shine out brilliantly from all of the other podcasters in your industry
  • WEEK 2: How to STRUCTURE AND FORMAT YOUR PODCAST, as well as our powerful connection process
  • WEEK 3: The equipment you need to RECORD, MIX AND EDIT your own podcast
  • WEEK 5: We will help you create your PODCAST PROFIT PIPELINE, which is a SOLID DO-ABLE PLAN on how to integrate and leverage your podcast into your business model so you can continue to boost your credibility, visibility, and ultimately your profitability.
  • WEEK 6: MOMENTUM-BUILDING MARKETING, which includes SOLID VISIBILITY STRATEGIES TO continuously be recognized as the expert and star of your own podcast, and attract a growing loyal audience of raving fans and potential customers.

We have limited the class to 25 AND we already have a number of spots that have been taken, so if this is something that you’d like to do, we encourage you to get your seat quickly.

  • Today’s Words of Wisdom: How podcasting can help you build your coaching business


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Tip of the Week:

We answer Cindy's question: “How do I create and price different packages that sell?” Great question Cindy!

Words of Wisdom:

What to do when criticism cripples your confidence:

  1. Get clear on what you stand for
  2. Appreciate differences of opinions
  3. Set the tone and boundaries
  4. Learn to ignore the ‘Negative Nellie's'
  5. Realize that not all criticism is negative
  6. Remember the people you want to serve

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