[Ep #76] Smash Through Your Glass Ceiling

Smash Through Your Glass Ceiling

Are you struggling to get paid what you are worth in your business? Or perhaps you’re working in the corporate space and you know you’re being paid less than your male counterparts – yet you’re doing the exact same work.

My guest today is passionate about helping women smash through the glass ceiling and a recent survey and study on this topic has provided interesting results, which we will share in a moment.

Joining me on today’s show is Paula Kramer.

Paula is a transformation trainer, a resource rock star, and a glass ceiling breaker. She teaches people how to transform their personal relationships, professional relationships, and societal relationships.

On today’s show Paula is going to share how to smash through the glass ceiling including:

  • Tiny Triumphs add up to satisfying successes;
  • Delivering dignity invites loyalty;
  • Giving positive identities is the easy way to change the world.


Resources & Links Shared:

“Spectacular success comes from working with others and satisfying others.” – Paula Kramer

About Paula Kramer

I am a transformation trainer, resource rock star, and glass ceiling breaker. I teach people to transform personal relationships, professional relationships, and societal relationships.

Contact Paula:

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