[Ep #75] Your Signature Brand: Is the real you showing up?

Coaches Connection Podcast – THE podcast for coaches to build a successful coaching business: Your Signature Brand: Is the real you showing up?

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What’s In Today’s Show:

  • Announcements: New free training: Podcasting Profit Secrets
  • Our Listener's Question Answered: today's question is by Lisa W., where she asks:

    “How do I structure the sessions to make sure I am giving valuable ‘bite size' pieces of info without overwhelming the client (and myself)?”

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  • Today’s Words of Wisdom: Your Signature Brand: Is the real you showing up?


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Words of Wisdom:

Your Signature Brand: Is the real you showing up?

Why bother defining your Signature Brand?

  • You can position yourself as an expert
  • You can charge a higher fee due to increased perceived value
  • You can create a powerful clear and consistent message
  • You can attract your ideal client
  • You can create a unique brand/presence that is very difficult to copy because guess what – no-one is you.

Article: 5 Reasons why you should build a unique Signature Brand

  • Common Mistake Number 1:  You try to copy what other successful people are doing
  • Common Mistake Number 2: You listen to the advice of others
  • Common Mistake Number 3: You work on all of your external brand touch points but not the core elements of your brand

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