[Ep #7] Follow your heart – not your head with Kaz Aston


“Follow your heart – not your head.”  — Kaz Aston

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Transcript of the Questions & Answers

(1) Have you always wanted to be a coach or was there a PIVOTAL moment in your life that prompted the shift?

Loved education since I was about 9 years old & helping people to understand and have fun learning. Think probably when I understood that people have strengths and weaknesses I was even more excited to help people.

(2) Who is your IDEAL client and how do you support them?

I like all sorts of clients but more recently, over last 2 years, I have started really enjoying PR & Social media for musicians & the music industry. So right now they are my ideal clients as fun & current.

(3) If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

Follow your heart not your head! Perhaps stop & think about what really excites you, rather than high level qualifications & professional status which at an early age I thought was so important. Accept that your first chosen career may not be a life-long career and may even radically change over your working career.

(4) We all have times in our businesses when things get tough. How do you deal with challenges?

I always keep focused by asking myself, at least once a week: What am I doing? Why am I doing it, Who am I doing this for and am I enjoying myself.

(5) What advice do you have for NEWBIE COACHES just starting out their coaching journey?

Be flexible, gentle on yourself sometimes, make some good contacts that are industry experts and good honest people that you can enjoy working with, if possible.

About Kaz Aston

Kaz Aston is an Editor, Author & Medical Specialist Practitioner. Kaz works with Public Relations, Radio interviews & Feature Production, Popularising Musicians & new releases with VIP Music Promotions, Sport interviews & events, Monarchy OnLine education & events, Social Media PR and education, Short Film productions, Fashion Design for A & L of London, London MS Clear Guide education & Rotary.

You can connect with Kaz here:KazAston


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