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[Ep #62] Space and Grace

Topic: Space and Grace

Today’s guest says “Space and Grace. Give yourself the space for stuff to happen and the grace to go through it.”

I am joined today by Cheranissa Roach.

Cheranissa helps moms pursue their dreams of launching a business while they raise their children without sacrificing either

On today’s show Cheranissa is going to share:

  • Faith – get it because you will need it. I have had times where faith was all I had and God used it to push and pull me through. Without it I may still have been stuck but with it I am free to do what He has for me to do.
  • Love yourself and get to know who you are. As you change and mature you will begin to discover talents you thought were hidden. If you do not know who you are, you may never get to the place where you excel and have the most impact.
  • Forgive everyone even you. It is freedom and freedom is always better than bondage.


About Cheranissa Roach:

I help moms pursue their dreams of launching a business while they realise their children without sacrificing either.


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