[Ep #62] How to Be Better Prepared to Give Credit to Customers

How to Be Better Prepared to Give Credit to Customers

Joining me today on the show is Jeanine Purdie, she is the CEO of Business Credit Solutions – a debt collection agency, which she founded in early 2014 after working at a National Collection agency, so the area of debt collection is something she is an expert in and passionate about.

On today’s show Jeanine is going to speak about

  • How to be better prepared to give credit to customers
  • How to feel confident with the customers you choose to do business with;
  • Be able to detect the early warning signs of non-payment of a customer;
  • What you need to know about cloud based systems to assist you with your debtor management.


Resources & Links Shared:

Only let it happen once and learn from it.  – Jeanine Purdie

About Jeanine Purdie: 

Busy Mom to 2 children.

She and her partner are both self -employed.

On board of Australian Patients Association

Working history- Registered Nurse, News Ltd Sales representative and Manager, Property developer, worked at National collection agency that lead her to starting her own collection agency early in 2014.

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