[Ep #59] Women As Leaders – The World Needs You

Women As Leaders – The World Needs You

Welcome to Episode 59 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode I speak with Denise Gibbons about the importance of understanding our core strengths and values so we can get clear on our personal value proposition for life. Once we're clear on that it'll permeate everything we are involved in and how we act as leaders. Listen to Denise share more success insights on this episode of Women In Leadership Podcast.


Denise shares:

  • Women as Leaders – The world needs you
  • How to understand who you are and your personal value proposition for life, which will permeate everything you are involved in and how you act as a leader;
  • How to work towards being comfortable with uncertainty, negativity and self-doubt;
  • The importance of combining parenting and career while gain a better understanding of the intensity of being a mother and the guilt, anxiety and chaos as well as the unbelievable joy that comes with this role.

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Resources & Links Shared:

Exhaustion is not a prize to aspire to. Hone your knowledge of what is important for you and forget about the rest. —Denise Gibbons

About Denise Gibbons: 

Denise has just published her latest book: Women As Leaders – The World Needs You – A Practical Guide.  She is designing Women’s Leadership Programs online and in workshop format to give young women the practical tools and advice to strike the right parent-work balance so that they can become inspirational leaders.  Alongside this she continues working with her previous business – Integrity Wealth to help women be financially secure and set up businesses, if they wish.

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