[Ep #5] Love and Money Alchemy: Dedicate Time to Celebrate & Give Thanks with Marcelle della Faille

On today's show you will learn more about Love and Money Alchemy: Dedicate time to celebrate and acknowledge your achievements.

As busy entrepreneurs we are often rushing from one project to the next, and not taking the time to celebrate and acknowledge our achievements. However according to my guest expert – Marcelle della Faille – it’s important that we party every day and celebrate our current blessings and the blessings to come.

If this is the first time you are joining us, I do encourage you to listen to the other 4 episodes:

  • Episode 1  where Marcelle spoke about how we can identify our money blocks. The things that keep us stuck from attracting the love and money in our lives and businesses.
  • Episode 2 was about: How to design our new money game
  • Episode 3, we learn about: The Importance of Defining Our Big Why
  • Episode 4, Marcelle spoke about: Why we need to develop curiousity and love so we can go beyond our wildest dreams.

This is episode number 5 of her Love and Money Alchemy: Develop Curiosity and Love & Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

On today’s episode Marcelle who is going to speak about:

  • Why it’s so important to celebrate when it comes to love and money
  • What can happen when we forget to celebrate and give thanks
  • The pitfalls of being judgmental and self-critical and how to overcome this
  • And much more

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More about Marcelle della Faille

Marcelle is an Author, Mentor, Trainer and Law of Attraction Expert, whose first book  (Law of Attraction Secret) quickly became a bestseller in 2005.

Her other books include: (The Handbook for Law of Attraction Secret), (The Prosperity Odyssey ), (A secret within their reach – for children), (Blow up your limits” (Develop your DSC_5235sacred fire), and the most recent  (Dare to be who you want to be), and all offer valuable lessons on the practical application of the universal principles of attraction and alignment.

Marcelle has impacted the personal and professional lives of tens of thousands of readers through her books and coaching programs.

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What did you think about the message Marcelle shared today? What action step are you going to take to dedicate time to celebrate & give thanks so you can continue to attract more love and money into your life and business? Go ahead and share. We’d love to hear from you!

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