[Ep #40] Grow Your Coaching Practice: Is goal trauma keeping you stuck?

Grow your coaching practice: is goal trauma keeping you stuck?

Want to grow your coaching practice but unsure how? Just started your coaching practice and struggling to get clients? You’re in the right place. Whether you’ve just opened up your coaching practice, or you’ve been in business a while, this podcast will help you take your results to the next level.

What’s In Today’s Show:

  • Tip of the week: a tool that allows you to store and share your files
  • Announcements: <drum roll> Biz Success Series has finally launched
  • Today’s Words of Wisdom: Is goal trauma keeping you stuck? 3 mindset shifts to get you unstuck
  • Inspirational Message to nourish your mind, body and spirit for the week ahead


Tip of the Week: Today, I spoke about a great new tool I’ve been using, which has made my life so much easier when it comes to storing and sharing your files and documents


This is a free program – my gift to you, and it takes you through all of the key foundations you need to have in place to build a six figure or more coaching practice; money mindset breakthrough secrets: helping you breakthrough unhelpful money habits so you can attract clients who will pay you what you’re worth; step-by-step simple (yet powerful) marketing strategies so you can boost your visibility AND engagement with your ideal client that’s easy to do even if you hate marketing; and much more.

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Today’s Inspirational Message:

“The first sale you make is to yourself. Do you belief you are worth it? If you don’t, how can you expect potential clients too?” —Annemarie Cross

Enjoy the show!

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More about Annemarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is a Money, Marketing and Mindset Business Coach who supports ambitious women coaches in unearthing and communication their inner brilliance (their brand) so they can boost their credibility, visibility, celebrity and profitability.Annemarie Cross

She guides her clients through Branding, 6-Figure and Money Mindset Breakthrough Secrets programs – helping them stand out from their competitors, build solid business foundations and implement key marketing strategies. She also helps them transform their hours-for-dollars services into lucrative information products and programs so they can get paid what they’re worth, doing what they love.

Annemarie has been dubbed: “The Podcasting Queen” by her followers for her weekly, International award-winning podcast – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Shown and regularly shares business and marketing tips.

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