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[Ep #4] Key systems to boost profits in your law practice with Lory Rosenberg

Struggling to differentiate your law practice in a busy market? Feel invisible with your ideal client unable to recognize why they should be hiring YOU and your law practice to support them?

Today’s special guest expert is Lory Rosenberg, who specializes in helping startup and existing law practices, define their unique Signature Brands so they can not only stand out but also make a powerful impact in the market place.

Lory is an accomplished attorney, author, trainer and former appeals judge. She provides insightful mentoring and coaching programs that allow her clients to quickly transform the stress, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs that often kee high-achieving women (and men) from fully realizing their individual brilliance and potential.

On today’s show, Lory is going to talk about:

    • Common problems law practices can experience if they don’t have systems in place
    • Why lawyers continue to struggle to implement systems in their practices and what they should do about it
    • Key systems all law practices should have in place if they want to build a successful and profitable practice
    • And, much more,

Further resources you can access:

  • Complimentary No-Cost Discovery Session – see contact details below to find out how to book a session with Lory

Enjoy the show!

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More about Lory Rosenberg

Lory D. Rosenberg is the CEO of IDEAS Consultation and Coaching LLC –  As a former immigration appeals judge she now consults with and mentors immigration lawyers and Lory-Rosenberg-150x150professionals so they can achieve winning results for their clients by brilliantly analyzing, strategizing, briefing and resolving complex legal issues and client cases.

Lory’s passion is empowering excellence and entrepreneurship in solo and small firm clients. Lory coaches high mind lawyers, leaders and entrepreneurs to breakthrough performance, productivity, and profitability obstacles and make positive mindset shifts, so they can confidently leverage their talents and expertise, elevate their visibility with effective branding and marketing, offer their unique services and contributions, and create new levels of  prosperity, fulfillment and authentic success.

Contact Lory
•    Email: Lory@ideaswithlory.com
•    Phone: (301) 990 9257 or (301) 944 4557
•    Web: www.IDEASWithLory.com
•    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IDEASConsultationCoachingLLC


What did you think about the message Lory shared today? What action step will you take after hearing today’s tips and strategies about implementing key systems in your law practice? Go ahead and share. We’d love to hear from you!

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