[Ep #3] Avoid Burnout by NOT working or leading like a man [podcast]

Avoid burnout by NOT working or leading like a man with Karen Chaston

Welcome to Episode 3 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Karen Chaston and I discuss how you can avoid burnout by NOT working or leading like a man.

Karen will share:

  • Why it is NOT selfish to put yourself first and the benefits and results that will happen when you do
  • How the health of your employees is directly correlated to the health of a company’s bottom line
  • The importance of understanding who you are on a bio-chemical and physiological basis.


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Question: What ONE area of your life you recognize you need to spend time on so you can avoid burnout? Go ahead and share it below. Also, what’s ONE thing you’re going to do within the next 24 hours? Share your comment below.


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