[Ep #22] Gender Equity in the Board Room

Gender Equity in the Board Room

Welcome to another episode of Business In Heels Podcast this is episode 22 – I’m your Host Annemarie Cross – The Podcasting Queen and creator of PodcastingWithPurpose.com podcast training.

To spite the spotlight and effort placed on achieving gender equity in the Board room by governments, community leaders, advocacy groups and the like, in Australia almost 71% of all Directors represented on ASX200 Boards are male.

While we often hear about ‘steady progress’ being made towards a 30% gender diversity target called for by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), according to the “Gender Diversity Quarterly Report” released by the AICD, we saw only a 2% increase on last year.

So my guest today asks the question: where does that leave us, another decade or two of achieving real equality?

Joining me on today’s show is Jo Plummer – someone who is passionate about this topic and who herself has sat around quite a number of board-room tables, including:

  • Executive Director and co-Owner – Business in Heels International
  • Board Chair – Barwon Water
  • Board Chair – Vic Water
  • Board Chair – Barwon Asset Solutions
  • Committee Chair – Geelong Regional Football
  • Advisory Board Chair -– Deakin MBA
  • Geelong Committee Member – Australian Institute of Company

Jo says: If we are serious about achieving true gender equity in the Board room (and she doesn’t mean a ‘respectable’ 30%), let those of us in a position of influence get serious about how and where we tap into the right talent.

Listen now:

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About our Guest: 

Jo Plummer is passionate about business and Gender Equity in the Boardroom, and has sat around quite a number of board-room tables, including:

  • Board Chair – Barwon Water
  • Board Chair – Vic Water
  • Board Chair – Advisory Board | Deakin MBA
  • Board Chair – Barwon Asset Solutions
  • Executive Director | Co-Owner – Business in Heels International
  • Committee Chair – Geelong Regional Football
  • Geelong Committee Member – AICD

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