[Ep #19] Grace Over Grind

Topic: Grace Over Grind

Are you constantly being distracted by social media and comparing yourself to what everyone else in your industry is doing?

My guest today says we should be focusing on Grace over Grind.

By keeping her soul quiet and focusing on what God wants her to do and by not forcing or following the hype on social media – that is what has enabled her to build her community.

Joining me on today’s show is Sarah-Jane Meeson, Founder of Christian Women In Business a Directory and Community helping women align their businesses with God.

On today’s show Sarah-Jane is going to share:

  • The importance of keeping her soul quiet;
  • Create relationships BEFORE sales;
  • Make time for yourself, your health and your family.





About Sarah-Jane Meeson: 

I’m the founder of Christian Women in Business a Directory and Community, helping women align their businesses with God.



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