[Ep# 183] Customer Research: The Vital FIRST Pillar of a Marketing Strategy many Businesses Neglect

Customer Research: The Vital FIRST Pillar of a Marketing Strategy many Businesses Neglect

Welcome to the show – I’m your Host Annemarie Cross.

Let me ask you are question – like many business owners are you confused about how to best communicate with your customers? Or perhaps you’re wasting valuable tie and energy worrying about making the wrong move.

So you’re either not doing any marketing. Or, if you are, you’re just not getting the results you want.

If that sounds like you – grab a pen and paper because today’s guest is going to help you get clarity so you can gain a competitive edge to get more customers, more sales, more bookings, more members, and more money.

Ailsa Page – is a 20-year marketing veteran and award-winning business owner from AP Marketing Works. Ailsa has helped hundreds of businesses and organisations increase their sales and their members, while help them build a profile that cutes through the noise to deliver results.

As on of Ailsa’s clients once said: “Ailsa has a dynamic energy and zest for business that never fails to inspire you. She has mastered the art for translating her passion and knowledge into a toolbox of skills that any business owner can apply.”

And, on today’s show Ailsa continues to do just that by sharing:

  • The VITAL FIRST pillar of a marketing strategy that many businesses neglect or fail to do very well which is why they struggle to achieve results;
  • How to use this marketing strategy in the PROPER way
  • What you SHOULD be focusing on when rolling out this marketing strategy in your business.


About Ailsa Page

AP Marketing Works is a boutique strategic marketing business that is headed up by professional marketer, consultant and speaker Ailsa Page. Based in Melbourne AP Marketing Works has clients throughout Australia. Ailsa has 20 years Marketing Experience and expertise in the services and small business sectors.

Since starting her business in 1999, she has helped hundreds of businesses and organisations achieve their marketing goals by increasing their sales, membership or profile. Ailsa is an award winning business owner and marketing specialist who partners with other trusted, specialist providers to meet your marketing and business needs.

She has spent the last 20 years specialising her brand of marketing that delivers supreme value to small businesses by doing the marketing that works and not the marketing that doesn’t

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