[Ep #17] Struggling to make a decision. Do this…

Struggling to make a decision. Do this…

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  • Today’s Words of Wisdom: Struggling to make a decision. Do this…


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Words of Wisdom: Struggling to make a decision. Do this…

  • Solitude: remove yourself from the busyness of life and find a quiet space.
    Evidence can often be right in front of you, however you just can’t see or hear it, if you’re too busy. So that quiet time will allows you to connect with your intuition (or gut instinct) or that quiet whisper (God / the Divine);
  • Quiet my mind: meditation and prayer to calm and quieten my mind from all that mental chatter allows the insights to flow through;
  • Work on another task: distracting myself by working on another task will often allow the answers to appear. Perhaps it’s because this allows me to bypass that skeptical and judgmental part of my brain?
  • Speak to my mentor/coach: even a coach needs a coach and being able to brainstorm and share ideas with my mentor will often help me come to a decision much more quickly;
  • Sleep on it: after asking the question just before I retire for the night, I will often awake to find the answer right there the next morning.



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