[Ep #109] Gratitude

Topic: Gratitude

Hi it’s Annemarie and I’m taking over the next two podcast episodes, this is episode 109 and 110.

In this episode I want to take time and reflect on our journey so far with The Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast and in the next episode I’m going to dive in to some practical marketing and visibility building strategies, which I know is going to be helpful for you as you continue to get your message out into the world.

On today’s show Annemarie is going to share:

  • Why I started the show.
  • My gratitude to all of my guests and what I’ve learned.
  • What the future looks like


About Annemarie Cross:

Annemarie Cross work with Change Makers, Disruptors and Innovators, helping them navigate and stand out in a noisy and competitive marketplace so they become an Influential Voice in their Industry.

How do I do this? By leveraging a unique blend of brand, communications and storytelling expertise alongside my extensive experience in podcasting to support my clients in producing their own podcast series and/or podcast channel so they can share their message with the world!


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