[Ep #03] The Future of FinTech & RegTech

Topic: The Future of FinTech & RegTech

Welcome to Pushing The Boundaries Podcast – brought to you by GCS Group, where you’ll gain unique insight into how an Australian SME pushed the boundaries to turn disruption into opportunity, and are now leading the way in international trade credit and risk.

I’m your Host Annemarie Cross and this is part 3 of a 3-part series.

In episode 1 we told the story about when Digital Disruption Strikes and how a Leading International Credit & Risk Company responded.

Episode 2 saw us share how GCS Group were able to transform disruption into opportunity in the Credit and Risk Management industry.

And, today we’re going to speak about the Future of FinTech and RegTech and about finding new ways to deliver financial and regulatory services to the benefit of customers. Fintech and Regtech companies are providing a diverse range of product offerings for businesses and retail customers internationally.

On today's show Adam will share:


About Adam Wood:

20+ years in international credit and risk management.

Coordinated regional and global conferences to facilitate growth of GCS, its members and partners to develop leading receivables management, information, investigation, consulting and advisory standards.

In 2011 co-authored the “Global Compliance Requirements Program”​, a first of its kind, and spearheaded the company's diversification into risk management, specifically verification, investigation and brand protection with Sid Kapur.

Appointed CEO in 2012, Adam led the strategic planning and implementation of GCS Credit’s drive to create the world’s first dedicated community and social network to connect the world of cashflow, credit and collections.

Adam is also the Co-Founder of Certified By, a compliance solution for SME’s and managing 3rd party vendor verification, and Automagic, an app that helps businesses make better decisions with prescribed data driven insights and workflow automation.

Contact Adam:

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