[Ep #01] How to Build an Industry-leading Brand

How to Build an Industry-leading Brand

Welcome to SMART Connect Podcast episode #1, featuring business experts and industry thought leaders to help YOU effectively navigate a constantly changing and disruptive market place so you can grow your business into an industry-leading brand.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics more than 60 percent of small businesses cease operating within the first three years of business. DailyMail UK has reported there are over 570 websites being created every single minute; and across the web every 60 seconds 216,000 photos are shared across Instagram, there are 1.8 million likes on Facebook, and three days worth of video is being uploaded to YouTube.

That raises the question, as a business how do we not only position ourselves to survive those initial three years – but how can our business continue to thrive AND be positioned as an industry-leading brand.

Our guest expert on today’s show is Peter Engelhardt – the founder and driving force behind Creative Brew.


During this interview Peter shares:

  • The single most important factor that prevents every business from becoming a great brand (or a Fortune 500 company).
  • The seven steps that will help you identify a meaningful and differentiated position in your market so you can begin to transform your business into an industry-leading brand.
  • The immediate, near-term and long-term benefits your business will experience when you begin thinking like a brand, and not just running a business.

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Industry-leading Brand Resources & Links Shared:

No matter what market you do business in, for your brand to succeed you must achieve differentiation. It’s the starting point to every great brand. After all, if your product or service is not different, what are you? You can only be similar, and consumers will assess your product or service on price alone. — Peter Engelhardt

About Peter Engelhardt

Peter Engelhardt is a brand consultant and entrepreneur focused on strategic branding and design for small to medium sized enterprises. He is the founder and driving force behind Creative Brew.

Peter works directly with entrepreneurs and business creators who want to transform their businesses into industry-leading brands. To help his clients stand out in an increasingly noisy marketplace Peter and his team have developed the world’s only interactive eTool that teaches businesses the concept of strategic branding and provides step-by-step instructions and tools to guide them as they build their brand foundations and create a strategic plan.

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