Copywriting: How to Write Compelling Content That Converts Prospects into Customers – Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

Does your mind go blank each time you sit down to write your sales page, article or blog post? Have you written your sales copy but just haven’t been able to generate the results you want?

Annemarie Cross is joined by seasoned copywriter Debra Jason from Write Direction. Debra has more than 25 years of copywriting experience and has developed compelling content for web and direct marketing communications that has converted her clients’ prospects into loyal customers.

Debra talks about two things you need to do before you put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard). Not doing these things is often the reason why your copy isn’t connecting with your audience. Listen out to see if you recognise them.

Find out the importance of ‘pushing your target markets’ buttons’ in your copy and how you could fail to grab their attention when you don’t.

Think you know the difference between the features and benefits of your products and services? Most ambitious entrepreneurs think they do – however when looking closely at their copy, what they are talking about is not a benefit at all – but a feature. And, features don’t showcase the outcomes your prospect can expect by working with you.

Make sure you learn the steps that Debra shares to help you pinpoint the benefits of your products and services – the outcomes your client will achieve through investing in you.

Debra also shares her formula/system to help you tempt your prospects as well as the template she uses when gathering testimonials from satisfied clients – very important when building social proof about your credibility and expertise in your field.

Want to be able to craft compelling copy that converts your prospects into loyal customers? The tips and strategies Debra shares on today’s show will show you how.

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