Content Marketing with Cas McCullough

Micro businesses are the fastest growing segment in the Australian economy but they are also failing as fast as they are getting started. Numbers are similar seen in both the US and the UK.

Listen as Cas McCullough shares how using Content Marketing can help save your business from a similar demise.

Content Marketing is not a gimmick or a fad. In fact, it’s been around since the printing press was invented. Content is information, and marketing is merely a means to share that information so that the right people see it.

Content marketing is fast becoming the marketing method of choice, because it is based on information sharing and generosity and recognises that consumers are savvy, are researching and are actively looking for answers rather than marketing-speak.

In the content marketing cardiology cycle, your website is the heart of your business.  No matter whether you produce content on your website blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Slideshare, your website is where people can go to access everything you say and do. It becomes your virtual hub and all activity flows out and then back into it, like arteries and veins, pumping blood from and back to your heart.




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Now, I’d like to introduce you to our special guest – Cas McCullough

Cas McCullough is known for empowering micro businesses to ditch the sales pitch and reach and serve their ideal clients through powerful content. In the past year Cas has been dubbed a “leading mumpreneur” by digital media magazine Startup Smart, has established a blog which has been counted as one of the top 25 small business blogs in Australia by the Telstra Smarter Business Website and counted as one of the top 24 social media blogs in the world in Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Top Blog Competition.

Cas is the director of Support a Work at Home Person, a 15,500 strong social media community for home based micro businesses, founder of Social Enterprise, Mumatopia, a certified birth doula & author.

Contact Cas


Twitter: @casmccullough

Twitter: @supportawahp



Are you using content marketing in your business? How do you best like to absorb content – written, video or audio?

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