[Episode #108] Building a healthy workplace with Alexina Baldini

My guest today – Alexina Baldini – a psychologist who specialises in helping injured workers return to work successfully.

She has over 20 years experience in this field and finds it most rewarding when supporting both the employee and the employer in ways to make this transition successful, along with preventative strategies that promote healthy workplaces.

On today’s show, Alexina is going to talk about:

  • How to help your staff be resilient at work
  • How to speed up the recovery from workplace injury process
  • How to help a colleague or friend get psychological support when necessary
  • And much more

Further resources you can access:

  • In 2009/2010 there were 354,100 males and 284,300 females injured at work in Australia (Safe Work Australia report July 2012 www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au). 
  • Stress and other mental conditions contributed between 3 and 4% of all injuries for male workers and approximately 8% of female workers.  That equates to more than 10,000 men and 20,000 women affected psychologically by going to work in one year.  (Safe Work Australia report July 2012 www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au)
  • Working under shift arrangements or as a casual or part time worker was associated with higher rates of injuries.
  • On a per hour basis, females had a 27% higher injury rate than their male counterparts.
  • More than half the injuries required time lost from work (54% male, 57% female) with 58% of those 55 and over requiring more than 11 days away from work due to their injury

Enjoy the show!

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More about Alexina:

Alexina has recently set up a consultancy business with her husband Nerio, combining their expertise in psychology and industrial relations for the benefit of workplaces.  They work with organisations and those responsible for staff, teach skills such as negotiation skills.  Individual workers can also be supported through their service, Enable Workplace Consulting.

Alexina’s psychology expertise includes providing treatment for injured workers to help them recover from incidents in the workplace, consulting with management and those wanting to look after their staff in order to prevent psychological injuries, as well as working with organisations on reducing their risk of harm to their personnel.

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