[Ep #19] Best Practice Benchmarks for Trade Marks and Protecting Your Brand

Topic: Best Practice Benchmarks for Trade Marks and Protecting Your Brand

Welcome to SMART Connect Podcast episode 19, featuring business experts and industry thought leaders to help YOU effectively navigate a constantly changing and disruptive market place. I’m your host Annemarie Cross.

Joining me on today’s show is Harvey Bowlt.

Harvey is from Bowlt Commercial Lawyers and is an Accredited Specialist in Business Law, one of only 107 appointed by the Law Institute of Victoria.

He is a well-rounded and experienced lawyer, with over 30 years experience in both South Africa and Australia. Harvey specialises in helping businesses manage risk, which includes advising clients about the necessity for registering trade marks to protect and add value to their brand and their businesses.


On today's show Harvey is going to speak about best practice benchmarks around Trade Marks and Protecting Your Brand, in particular:

  • The value of trade marks to your business and the dangers in not registering them;
  • What trade marks are and how they differ from business and company names and other types of intellectual property;
  • The basic application process for Trade Marks.

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