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Eposide #57: Become The CEO Of You – Critical Success Strategies to Achieve Your Career and Life Goals – Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

Do you have the right strategies in place in your business/career to make things happen? Or do you tend to just let things happen?

With an impressive 36-year career, Susan shares some of the success strategies she followed that enabled her to become the first female professional employee and then the first female partner for Anderson Consulting – now known as Accenture.

Time to make it happen!

A little more about our Guest Expert:

Susan Butler, CEO of the SBB Institute for the Development of Women Leaders, began her 36-year career with Anderson Consulting – now Accenture – where she was the first female professional employee and eventually the first female partner. Susan retired as the Management Partner of the Office of the CEO.

How to get in contact with Susan Butler:

Here are some of the show highlights:

Susan shares:

  • How to build a strategy for your career AND how to achieve your goals
  • The critical success factors for making your career and life happen FOR you rather than letting things happen TO you
  • How you can use the Make-It-Happen Model to make it happen!
  • And much more!


What were some of your ‘aha’ moments? Which of the steps that Susan shared will you be implementing in your business and career so that you can MAKE things happen? Let me know in the comment box below. It’s always so nice to hear from you!!

By the way, do have a topic you’d like me to cover in an upcoming show? Wonderful! Connect with me on our new Facebook community and let me know!

Or are you an expert with wisdom to share with other ambitious entrepreneurs? Go on – don’t be shy. It’ll just be like we’re having a chat over a virtual coffee – promise!! Just go to the Contact tab on my Show Page, email my Guest Liaison Manager or use the form provided. Can't wait to hear from you!

Enjoy the show!


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