[Ep #01] Be Inspired, Say YES and Have a Crack

Be Inspired, Take a Step Forward, Say YES and Have a Crack

Welcome to episode 1 of Business In Heels Podcast – I’m your host Annemarie Cross.

Today I’m speaking with two special guests – Executive Directors and Co-owners of Business In Heels International – Lisa Sweeney and Jo Plummer.

Business in Heels International is a women’s networking organisation with over 40 branches across seven countries, and both Lisa and Jo work tirelessly to connect women with people, resources and opportunities needed to equal the ‘playing field’ and support their journey to success.

On today's show Lisa and Jo share:

  • How to be inspired to take a step forward, say yes and have a crack;
  • Understand how Business In Heels is different to other networking organisations and how YOU can get involved;
  • Why networking should be an essential part of your marketing and professional development strategy, and so much more.

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Get clear, walk with confidence, as your destination is closer than you think! — Business in Heels

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