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Featuring Business Experts from around the globe, who share key insights and strategies to help you take your business to the next level. Whether you are a coach, consultant, solopreneur, practitioner or small business owner – this show is a must listen.

Join Annemarie as she asks our experts pertinent questions to reveal the key strategies they have used to create 6-figure, multi 6-figure, and even 7-figure businesses.

Are you a small business expert and would like to be featured on your own 5-part series on Ask The Expert Podcast. Email Annemarie to find out more.


Annemarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is “The Podcasting Queen.”

She is a Brand & Communications Strategist who has helps clients design and launch powerful online and offline marketing strategies.

As an expert in the production of podcasts she is sought as an adviser and consultant in developing and implementing podcast series for individual industry influencers, experts and companies.

She has been instrumental in the launch of some of Australia’s most interesting and engaging podcast series, including the Business Women Australia Podcast Series.


Please send your expression of interest to our CEO / Founder – Annemarie Cross empower [at] and include the following information:

  •     Your name
  •     Contact details [including your website]
  •     Details about your product and/or service
  •     5 key elements you wish to share with our listeners, and
  •     3 lessons our listeners will learn from you

Annemarie will review your application and will be in contact with you with further instructions should we feel you’d be a great guest expert on Ask The Expert Podcast. [Please note, there is an investment to be involved and Annemarie will share more, once she's had an opportunity to review your details].

If you have another question and/or comment, please use the form below.

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