19: Listener Into Lead Podcasting Tip for Coaches

👉 Listener Into Lead Podcast Series Tip#19 👈

Want to create a unique and compelling listener (I.e. ideal client) experience on your podcast? Developing compelling communication skills is key.  

With compelling communication skills, you’ll be able to: 

  • Interact with and guide the conversation with your guest, no matter what their communication style. You’ll know exactly how to communicate with even the most difficult of guests – from the talkative guests, to the guest who answers in two-word sentences, right through to the spammy guests who continues to promote their books and programs. 
  • Know when to dive deeper into a topic to unpack it more. 
  • Be able to segue seamlessly to the next topic, to name a few things. 

I share more in today’s tip. 

Access the Podcasting Masterclass: www.PodcastingWithPurpose.com/ListenerIntoLead


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