17: Listener Into Lead Podcasting Tip for Coaches

👉 Listener Into Lead Podcast Series Tip#17 👈

Shout Out: To multi-passionate entrepreneurs struggling to define their message to ONE thing for their podcast 


Are you a multi-passionate person, who loves to learn, you have many interests and you struggle to define who you are and how you can support people into one succinct statement?  

Yeah – me too. I struggled with that for YEARS. 

In fact, if you’ve followed me for a minute – you'd have heard me share before how as multi-passionate individuals who LOVE learning, we need to be mindful NOT to let our diverse interests – water down our message. 

Because focusing on too many things – without a clear and compelling outcome (which speaks into the outcome our ideal client seeks) will mean our message will get lost in the noise of our own podcast. 

Or, our podcast will NEVER be found by our ideal client. 


I share what you need to focus on instead in today’s tip. 

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