15. How to Launch Your Podcast

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast! Today's episode is an empowering guide filled with divine wisdom for all you aspiring podcasters out there. We're going to explore how you can seamlessly integrate a podcast into your brand's communication arsenal and ensure your voice is heard.

Annemarie will guide us through developing a successful launch strategy and crafting a unique listener experience while emphasizing the significance of a compelling call to action. She'll offer invaluable insights and a helpful quiz at kingdomwomentrepreneurs.com that reveals the five foundational pillars crucial for a triumphant podcast debut.

We're diving deep into the heart of podcasting—understanding “why” we're starting this journey and aligning our message with our audience to resonate and connect authentically. You'll hear firsthand about overcoming the common fears and resistance that many women entrepreneurs face, along with practical technical advice to get started without the overwhelm.

Plus, Annemarie will share her revolutionary podcast profit formula, explaining how strategy, tactic, and uniqueness can amplify influence, impact, and income. She'll help us navigate the complete profit framework, from purposeful planning to powerful promotion, ensuring your podcast not only launches but thrives.

So, whether you're here to find your podcasting feet or refine your existing platform, today's episode is your beacon. Get ready to transform your divine message into a kingdom-building powerhouse with the Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast. Don't forget to stay tuned for more content, including a live session where Annemarie will turn the tables and interview Fideliz on launching a business. Now, let's usher in the wisdom and start crafting your podcast path.

🎯 Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs: 

1️⃣Understand Your “Why”: Before you hit that record button, knowing the purpose behind your podcast is crucial. Connect deeply with your message – it's the heart and soul of your content!

2️⃣ Quality Matters: Invest in a good recording setup to ensure your content is heard loud and clear. But, don't let technical fears hold you back. The message is key, and sometimes, starting is the most important step.

3️⃣Monetization Strategy: Annemarie reveals her podcast profit formula – a blend of strategy, tactic, and uniqueness to achieve influence, impact, and income. Plan with profit in mind and use your podcast as a pipeline to generate not just listeners but clients.



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And don't forget, in a couple of weeks, you'll hear from Fideliz again but this time in the hot seat. Get excited for an episode loaded with entrepreneurial grit and God's glory!

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Stay blessed, stay driven, and let's make a heavenly impact together!

With love and light,

Fideliz Cruz & Annemarie Cross

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