14: 30 Days To Distinction for Coaches and Consultants

👉 #30DaysToDistinction Challenge Tip#14👈

Heard the saying ‘try to speak everyone – you speak to no-one?’ It’s true. Which is why trying to be all things to all people never works. 

In today’s #30DaysToDistinction Challenge Video Tip I share what you should be focusing on instead with your message. 

If you want to become distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible to your ideal client.  

THE choice vs just A choice when he/she is ready to move forward. 

I share more in today's tip.

Go ahead and download the Action Guide at: www.IndustryThoughtLeaderAcademy.com/Distinction

Access the Build Your Distinguishable & Irresistible Brand & Message Masterclass here:



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