03: Listener Into Lead Podcasting Tip for Coaches

👉 Listener Into Lead Podcast Series Tip3👈

Think your podcast audience is similar to the audience of mainstream radio? Think again.  

My co-host and I assumed this too, however we were wrong. 

In fact, when my cohost and I hired mentors to help us monetize our podcast (back in 2008-2010) – many of them had come from mainstream radio and suggested we monetize our show with advertising and sponsorships.  

However, one of the things we didn’t realise back then (which I know now) was the incredible value of a smaller yet highly niched and highly engaged audience. 

And, how with a smaller highly niched audience you were far better to monetize your OWN message before you monetize someone else's. 

I share more in today’s tip. 

Access the Podcasting Masterclass: www.PodcastingWithPurpose.com/ListenerIntoLead


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