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I’m really looking forward to interviewing you!

Our show is about sharing inspirational stories (the highs and lows; challenges overcome, and words of wisdom) from leaders in their field to help our listeners – Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders become Trusted Authorities.

Below, you'll find a brief overview of how the interview will be conducted, what we need from you, as well as how to get your interview booked.

Your host – Annemarie Cross


How will your Interview be conducted?

While we are recording our audio version of the podcast, we will also stream our interview across five platforms, simultaneously. That includes two Facebook pages – my personal page and our Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network page, as well as on Twitter (Periscope), YouTube and Linkedin.

To help us both prepare for the interview, below is our Guest Profile. Please complete the Guest Profile and return to my Guest Coordinator. [Email below]. Once we receive your information, closer to the date of the interview, Melissa will send you the link to where we will hold our interview [I use Streamyard].

BTW, I've included a sample of questions in the Guest Profile so you can get an understanding of what the show will focus on.


What you need to do:

  • Guest Profile: Click here, to download and save to your computer. Complete and return your Guest Profile, along with your picture to my Guest Coordinator at: itlguest [at] ambitiousentrepreneurnetwork [dot] com
  • Access our online calendar: Click here, select an appropriate date and time, and follow the instructions to secure your booking.  

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