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I’m really looking forward to interviewing you as part of: The Business in Heels podcast.

Below, you'll find a brief overview of how the interview will be conducted, what we need from you, as well as how to get your interview booked into my calendar.

Your host – Annemarie Cross




How will your Interview be conducted?

All of our interviews are now streamed live across multiple platforms, using StreamYard.

Please ensure the room you're sitting in takes into account, with your background and lighting as well.

To help us both prepare for the interview, you will find our Guest Profile and Sound Tips checklist, below.

[Note: Please make sure your booking is at least 1 week out from the date of your interview. Ideally, three-four weeks out is best to give you time to complete and get the Guest Profile and your photo back to us, and our team to set everything up, our end].

Your interview will be structured in a way that enables you to showcase your thought leadership, so the questions I ask you will be centered around the key points you've provided in the Guest Profile.




What you need to do:

  • Guest Profile: Click here to download and save to your computer. Complete and return your Guest Profile, along with your picture to my Guest Coordinator. Her email is: bihguest [at] ambitiousentrepreneurnetwork [dot] com
  • Sound Tips Checklist: Click here and review the information so we can ensure the best possible sound quality for your interview. [Note: Please ignore the reference to Zoom. We use Streamyard now to record and stream our interviews].
  • Access our online calendar: Click here, select an appropriate date and time, and follow the instructions to secure your booking. [Note: ensure you select a date that is minimum 1 week prior to your interview to allow for preparation].

Please note: Interviews are currently held on the last Wednesday of each month. [As you can imagine, because I host and produce several podcasts for myself and my clients, I typically have a full calendar of interviews. It may be difficult for me to change the times allocated. If the current time slots are not suitable, feel free to wait until the next round of interviews. Just check back with our online calendar, as the link will be the same.]

Previous Shows

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Thank you! I'm looking forward to speaking with you!  

Annemarie Cross