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The Podcast Host, Producer & Mentor:

Annemarie Cross is an Award Winning Podcast Host & Producer – winning the Best Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Category in the inaugural Cast Away Australia Podcast Awards. Her podcast – Women In Leadership was also one of the Finalists in this category.

She is also a Brand and Communication Strategist and Chief Storyteller, helping business owners (specialists) boost their reach, influence and impact to become THE influential voice in their field.

Annemarie works with SME's who want to build their business by helping them engage, acquire and retain clients with their own podcast channel and podcast series, which Annemarie and her team produce on their behalf.

Annemarie is known as “The Podcasting Queen,” due to her expertise and involvement in podcasting since 2008. She currently hosts two shows – Women In Leadership Podcast and The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show and a number of other podcasts that she produces for her SME clients.

Combining her love of technology, and in particular – podcasting, Annemarie has built a business, client base and support team that is global by harnessing the power of social media and cutting-edge online technologies and now shows other businesses how to do the same.

Annemarie has been listed among the Top 25 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs, Top 50 Podcast for Entrepreneurs, and Top 100 Small Business Podcasts worldwide by well-known and respected small business websites, including Entrepreneur.com.

The Coach, Mentor & Consultant:

Annemarie Cross is a Brand & Communication Strategist (often referred to as “The Podcasting Queen” by her community), supporting women in service-based AC edited portraitbusinesses in getting noticed, hired and paid what they're worth.

Combining her love of technology, and in particular – podcasting technologies, Annemarie has built a business, client base and support team that is truly GLOBAL by harnessing the power of social media and cutting-edge online technologies, and now empowers other women in business to do the same.

Her ever-expanding online success has attracted the attention of numerous organizers of telesummits and online conferences offering her opportunities to present as a guest expert speaking on various topics including (but not limited to): How to Attract High Quality Clients AND Get Paid What You’re Worth with Your Own Podcast; and Communicate With Influence: How to Build a Powerful, Integrated Brand Communication Strategy that Gets You Noticed, Hired and Paid What You’re Worth.

Reputed for her dynamic, inspiring and engaging presentations, Annemarie has also become a highly sought-after speaker and presenter both nationally and internationally, and has shared her empowering message on the speaking platform alongside other high-profile 6- and multi 7-figure women in business.

Annemarie’s Purpose and Promise:

Annemarie’s passion for helping women (and men) recognise their unique gifts and talents so they can in turn live their full potential – whatever that may be for them, was what prompted her to launch The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, and more recently, Women In Leadership Podcast, and other podcasts she hosts and produces on behalf of her clients.

[quote]Being able to empower service-based businesses across the globe through my interviews with business experts from around the globe is so rewarding, especially when listeners write in and share just how much they enjoy the shows and how it has impacted their lives. How wonderful is that!
– Annemarie Cross