The Secret to Successfully Working with Virtual Assistants

To thrive in today’s economy, small businesses must lower their overhead while increasing their productivity. To accomplish this, many small businesses are wisely turning to virtual assistants.

During today’s show, you’ll discover the secrets to finding, hiring and getting the most from a virtual assistant (VA):

The top tasks you can turn over to a virtual assistant

  1. How to find a virtual assistant
  2. Questions to ask when interviewing a virtual assistant to find out if she's the best fit for you
  3. The 15-minute secret to getting the most from your virtual assistant
  4. How much you should budget for a virtual assistant

Links and further resources for today’s podcast:

Now let me introduce you to my special guest of the day: Kathy Goughenour

As a working virtual assistant and a trainer and coach of virtual assistants, Kathy is uniquely positioned to advise small business owners how to achieve their goals by working with a VA. Kathy says, “You’ll be amazed at how much stress you’ll leave behind once you work with a professional VA.”


Contact Kathy GoughenourKathy_4-19-10


Twitter: expertVAmentor

Phone: 573-269-4456


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