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The Room Xchange

About The Room Xchange

The Room Xchange Podcast, with Ludwina Dautovic will feature guests who are working towards changing the way we live, work and think through collaboration and sharing.

Ludwina's informal style and insights as the CEO of The Room Xchange, will make for some interesting conversations. To find out more go to



About CEO & Founder of The Room Xchange – Ludwina Dautovic:

Ludwina Dautovic has been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades and is the Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange, a service which connects busy professionals, young families and empty nesters with a spare room in their home (hosts) with travellers and guests who provide an agreed amount of help around the home in exchange for food and accommodation.

Commissioned by Apple and Optus to create an educational media program signalled the birth of her first company, Media Minds. For the next five years, Ludwina and her team ran two-day media workshops in over 300 schools in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Ludwina then combined technological expertise with business acumen to provide consulting services to businesses operating in the online space. Today, Ludwina is an investor in new and emerging technologies and has invested in four tech start ups, The Room Xchange, her fifth tech investment, is so far, fully self-funded. With the full support of her commercial partners and strategic advisors, (Chris Adams, Tim Wall, Erik Tyler and David Stavropoulos) Ludwina is immersed in her first capital raise and leading the company towards a global market.

Ludwina was recently included in the 100 Leaders Program as part of the world’s first interactive leadership forum created by Xventure. Organisations across the world are able to see and hear from Ludwina as part of this global initiative.

Ludwina is regularly called upon as a commentator in media outlets including CMO, Sky News, Who's Who of Australian Women, The Age, The Herald Sun, CEO Magazine and more.


If you have a comment or question email Ludwina: Ludwina [at] theroomxchange [dot] com

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