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[Ep #10] Robert Rabiah Discusses ‘Safe Harbour’ and Diversity on the Big Screen

Robert Rabiah is an award-winning Australian artist, who has been nominated for an Australian Academy Award.

He has appeared in some of this nations best loved films and TV shows, such as CHOPPER with Eric Bana, FACE TO FACE with Vince Colosimo, DEADLINE GALLIPOLI with Sam Worthington as well as coming off the critically acclaimed feature film, ALI'S WEDDING, which won a slew of awards including Best Film at the Sydney and Melbourne Film Festivals. It won an ARIA for Best Soundtrack and has been nominated for 8 Australian Academy Awards.

Now, Robert Rabiah has a new project slated for release in early 2018 called SAFE HARBOUR, which also stars Phoebe Tonkin, Jacqueline McKenzie, and Ewen Leslie — to name but a few — and is Directed by the brilliant Glendyn Ivin, Produced by Steven Corvini and Sue Masters, and being released through SBS and NBC UNIVERSAL.


In this episode Robert and Ludwina talk about:

  • Highlights in Roberts career such as ‘Face to Face’ (40 international film awards) with Sigrid Thornton, Vince Collosimo, Mathew Newton, Luke Ford and directed by Michael Rymer. Ali’s Wedding which has been nominated for a slew of awards in this years Australian Academy Awards.
  • Treatment of Asylum Seekers in Australia
  • How the U.N has recently came out with a scathing review of Australia's human rights record.
  • Manus Island
  • Donald Trumps vetting process for people now allowed in the US
  • Marriage equality
  • We need more diversity on the big screen that represents the people in our communities.
  • Stories such as the mini series Safe Harbour have the power to contribute to the discussion and help cause a ripple of change.
  • Compassion is where the solution lays.
  • The Golden Age of television – Stan, Netflix, Hulu.
  • Ultimately it's about putting a spotlight on the issues we feel passionate about and doing something about it.

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