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[Ep #08] The Importance and Value of Building Trust

Nick O'Brien is the National Enterprise Manager for CVCheck, responsible for growing and nurturing relationships with government and major corporate partners on a national level.

Since starting in 2004, CVCheck’s vision has been to make verifying information easy, so that people can exchange their personal or professional information safely, and grow trusted relationships in good faith.

CVCheck’s global service challenges the traditional ways of verifying information by taking the process online for more than 1000 checks across 190 countries in the categories of Police and Traffic Checks, Employment, Predictive Psychometric Assessments, Credit, Financial & Business Checks and more.

On today's show Nick talks about the importance and value of building trust within our companies, communities and organisations.

Because without trust, what do we have?

Listen to Nick discuss:

  • The importance of additional information verification services, despite technology giving us far great access to information;
  • The new era of trust;
  • The importance of corporations instilling trust in their staff and customers.

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