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[Ep #06] Developing Policy for the Sharing Economy with Jim Minifie

Developing Policy for the Sharing Economy

Joining Ludwina on the show this week is Jim Minifie.

Jim directs the Productivity Growth Program at the Grattan Institute. His research focuses on developing policy to raise Australians’ living standards by improving productivity and accelerating the spread of innovations.

Among his reports is ‘Peer-to-peer pressure: policy for the sharing economy’. He has also produced reports on cloud computing, the mining boom, investment in Australia, and superannuation policy, among others.

Prior to joining Grattan in 2012, Jim spent 12 years with the Boston Consulting Group working with corporate and public sector leaders, including seven years as BCG’s Chief Economist for Australia and New Zealand.

On today's show, Jim will speak more about:

  • His report: Peer to Peer Pressure: Policy for the Sharing Economy;
  • Where he believes the Sharing Economy is headed;
  • What he sees as being the game changers; and much more.

Listen now:

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