Courage Building and Leadership with Bill Treasurer

Are you or your organization in need of courage building? If you'd like to operate out of confidence and conviction rather than anxiety and fear, that's what you need.

Today’s guest, Bill Treasurer, author of Courage Goes to Work, shares with us:

  • Three unique ways of looking at courage.
  • Specific actions for living and leading with more courage.
  • The most important thing to know about leadership.


Further resources we spoke about in today’s podcast:


Now, let me introduce you to our special guest – Bill Treasurer

Bill Treasurer and his company Giant Leap Consulting excel at courage building. Their strategic planning, courageous leadership development, team building, and skills training programs are designed to embolden your workforce and enlarge its capacity for learning, creativity, and risk-taking. When everyone is working with more courage, the entire organization is transformed for the better. Giant Leap Consulting provides Courageous Leadership workshops for clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Hugo Boss, UBS Bank, PNC Bank, Spanx, the Veterans Administration Hospitals, and many others.

In addition to being founder of Giant Leap Consulting, Bill Treasurer is author of 3 books, former high diver, board chair of Leadership Asheville, father of 3 children (one with special needs) and cancer survivor. Bill's current bestselling book is Courage Goes to Work. His newest book Leaders Open Doors will be published in April, 2013. It's about the responsibility that leaders have for creating opportunities for those they lead


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