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Business Women Australia Podcast – Annemarie Cross

Business Women of Australia

About Business Women Australia

Business Women Australia is a national collective of women in business and is fast becoming one of Australia’s most influential and active community of female business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and women on boards.

Their mission is: “to help business women achieve their goals and dreams, with pragmatic, realistic and valuable support, skills and knowledge, growth services and a community of influence.”

With over 10,000 advocates across Australia, the voice of women in business is taking real shape, driven by this enthusiastic and dedicated group of leaders bridging sectors, professions and states.

Hosted by Annemarie Cross – Business Women Australia Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast for ambitious women who are serious about business success and leadership development, and interested in building their knowledge and skills.


Annemarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is “The Podcasting Queen.”

She is a Brand & Communications Strategist who has helps clients design and launch powerful online and offline marketing strategies.

As an expert in the production of podcasts she is sought as an adviser and consultant in developing and implementing podcast series for individual industry influencers, experts and companies.

She has been instrumental in the launch of some of Australia’s most interesting and engaging podcast series, including the Business Women Australia Podcast Series.


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Archived Shows

54. The Power of Collaborations

The Power of Collaborations Join Lyn Hawkins, National Director of BWA with Annemarie Cross, BWA Podcast Manager & Core Business Foundations Facilitator, along with eight guests in the BWA Podcast [...]

51. The Beauty of Letting Go

The Beauty of Letting Go  My guest today says, "Relinquish with love – it’s the only way to transmute suffering.”  Joining me on today’s show is Kathy McKenzie. Kathy McKenzie [...]

47. What is Change Management

What is Change Management My guest today says, “Change is uncomfortable – forgotten what it feels like?  Wear your shoes on opposite feet, that will remind you!”  Joining me on [...]

46. LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool My guest today says, “The power of LinkedIn is that you can connect directly with current and potential clients. As a digital sales and marketing [...]

45. Business Women Australia: Updates

Business Women Australia: Updates Joining me on today’s show is Lyn Hawkins – Director of Business Women Australia.  As the Director of Business Women Australia and a management consultant, Lyn [...]

43. Don’t just survive, thrive!

Don’t just survive, thrive! Joining me on today’s show is Meriel Steadman.  When Meriel was in High School she wanted to be an author, teach in France, marry a Frenchman [...]

38: Why people don’t see a financial adviser

Why people don’t see a financial adviser Joining me today is Helen Nan. Helen has been a financial adviser since 2011, helping hundreds of clients achieve their lifestyle goals and [...]

34: Healing Pain & Inflammation in the Body

Healing Pain & Inflammation in the Body Welcome to [Business Women Australia Podcast] I’m your Host Annemarie Cross - The Podcasting Queen. Joining me on today’s show is Lianne Gianoli. [...]

31: What to do to get the grant!

What to do to get the grant! My guest today says, “Rural Australia has the answers to the world’s problems” Joining me on today’s show is Julia Spicer. Julia runs [...]


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