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[Ep #09] Building a Brand with a Localised Approach for a Peer to Peer Platform

Building a Brand with a Localised Approach for a Peer to Peer Platform

Bought-up a working-class boy in Birmingham, David moved to Sydney 28 years ago. He now lives in Bronte with wife Fiona, Charlie (8yrs) and Riley (6yrs). David also has 2 beautiful “older girls” Ashley, 22 is completing her Masters at Melbourne University, and Madison 19 is at Sydney Uni.

Life is one big Juggle for David, but he firmly believes Australia is the best place in the world to live and bring up children, and most days you will find him swimming before 5.30 in the morning.

Juggle Street is David's 5th Start-up spanning the last 25 years. He founded in 1999 and lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 5 years, surviving the bubble, the burst, the fallout from 9/11, and just about everything corporate America could throw at him.

In this episode David and Ludwina talk about:

  • The Juggle Street Origin Story
  • David's vast background (, Silicon Valley)
  • Building a brand with a localised approach – schools, fetes, trivia nights etc
  • Challenges in setting up a peer to peer platform
  • Building trust
  • What’s happening in the childcare industry
  • Outcomes of their child care study  in Australia
  • Expansion into Melbourne

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